Chippewa Falls couple launches vinyl record business

Our little business was recently featured on the local news here in Chippewa.  Below is a transcript from the story or you can watch the story on the WQOW News 18 website.



CHIPPEWA FALLS (WQOW) - The pandemic didn't tune things down for one Chippewa Falls couple. Instead they started a business out of their basement.

"We thought we would tap into our existing resources and our love for music, and try and launch a small store on Etsy, and it sort of went from there," said Vinylus co-owner Izabella Warner. 

Izabella and Eric Warner opened their custom Vinyl record business, Vinylus, last March. The couple customizes seven inch, 10 inch and 12 inch vinyl records, which can be a meticulous process.

"The process of making a vinyl record is very hands on," Izabella said. "There are actually two components to it. One is actually mastering the audio tracks that the client provides us, and then cutting the record directly onto a blank disk, which is actually really a timely process. It is a very hands on, time-consuming craft."

Eric said vinyl can offer a unique listening experience, or one might say, a vintage one.

"Electronic things, while they may live in the cloud forever, they're really quite disposable. They are bits and bytes on a disk, but a record is a physical experience, and a physical object. It’s tangible," Eric said. 

"It’s a gift that combines both a tangible product that you can actually hand over to somebody that you can customize with your own photos and messages, as well as the experience of listening to the music," Izabella said. "You can display it, hang the record up, it’s a tangible gift that lasts a long time."

"Records are kind of made to be played in public, and that gives it sort of a different experience for the users, whereas headphones are immersive and their private and you are in your own sort mini mindscape listening to the music, not really sharing in that experience with anyone," Eric said. 

To learn more about Vinylus click or tap here. 



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